Can Axartell is a unique combination of traditional and modern Mallorcan viticulture. Can Axartell is a finca on which vineyards, olive groves, forests, mountains and watercourses form a large whole. Before the finca was rediscovered in the 1990s, it had long fallen into disrepair. While the centuries-old building was being restored, the first vineyards were gradually planted, which were cultivated from the outset according to certified organic principles. In 2012, the modern winery was built, which follows Can Axartell's guiding principle: Have respect for the grapes, the environment and the people who produce wines and those who enjoy them. The first Can Axartell wines were bottled in 2013 and have since made a name for themselves on the island and in the wine world.


There are different ways of producing wine. You can make wine quickly with a lot of pressure and energy. However, it is also possible to devote time and respect to the wine. This is what happens at Can Axartell. From the harvest to the reception of the grapes, from fermentation to ageing and bottling, the wine is treated as carefully as possible. This is why the winery was designed and built around the Mètode Gravetat, which means that the grapes and wine are moved exclusively by gravity.


Can Axartell produces a rosé, two white wines, three red wines and a small selection of limited special bottlings. The wines are an expression of Mallorca's wine tradition and also a reflection of the changes that have taken place over the centuries. Local grape varieties can be found alongside those that have been imported. There are wines for everyday drinking and wines that are excellent accompaniments to food. Above all, however, you will find wines that reflect Mallorca's soul in very different facets.

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