The Wines of Can Axartell

The wine portfolio of Can Axartell beautifully reflects Mallorcan vinification traditions of both yesteryear and today. As such, the program intentionally encompasses grape varieties both indigenous and international. The range of wines can be divided into three categories:

Everyday Wine

Wines such as Rosado, Blanco and Tinto Uno harness Mallorca’s incredible inherent freshness into delicious and uncomplicated pleasures. The wines are vinified in stainless steel tanks to better preserve this brightness before release onto market in the year following harvest.

Food Friendly Wines

Wines such as Corum (white) and Terrum and Ventum (red) offer a more serious complexity enhanced by extended barrel aging. The white wine is matured in large fuder barrels, the reds in French barriques. These food-friendly wines show extraordinary depth and complexity.

Special Editions

Can Axartell also periodically offers small-batch special edition bottlings. The first of these, The Artist, features a label painted by popular artist Dionís Bennàssar, who hails from nearby Pollença. This special release reflects the team’s interest in highlighting the individual varieties that each vintage sometimes blesses above all others.



Lemon yellow colour, with greyish glints that reflect its vivacity, bright and limpid, it shows an attractive luminosity in the glass. The nose shows good aromatic intensity and great complexity, the result of the blending of various local varieties. Notes of ripe tropical fruit stand out, with a background of stone fruits typical of the Premsal Blanc variety, and hints of citrus of lemon zest. It has a very pleasant fresh character, with hints of hay and vanilla, coming from the slight barrel ageing of the Giró Ros variety. On the palate it is a wine with a very direct and fresh entry, at the same time unctuous, with a good volume that gives it weight and elegance. Very balanced acidity, the result of the expression of the Malvasía de Banyalbufar variety. Its short ageing in barrels and the contact with the lees enhance its creaminess and friendliness, and increase its elegance and complexity. It is a wine with very pleasant sensations, faithful to the style of the Mediterranean character that is the perfect pairing for all kinds of fish and seafood, rice dishes, pasta, poultry and white meats.

Name: Blanco
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Premsal Blanc, Moscatell, Giró Ros, Malvasía, Viognier
Alcoholic fermentation: Stainless tank
Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.
Total acid: 5,7 g/l


Pale salmon pink colour, clean and bright, it shows an attractive luminosity in the glass. The nose reflects a pronounced aromatic intensity, with elegant floral notes of orange blossom and rose, accompanied by fruity aromas of apricot and nectarine as well as the characteristic red fruits provided by the unpressed pinot noir must flower, all complemented by the finesse of tropical notes of mango and passion fruit. In the background, the indigenous varieties Callet and Manto Negro provide subtle nuances of Mediterranean herbs such as fennel. On the palate it is an elegant wine with a pleasant entry and a fresh sensation accompanied by hints of white fruit, citrus and sweets. A good balance of acidity and the volume provided by ageing for three months on its fine lees give the wine complexity and persistence. Overall, it’s a friendly and delicate wine that invites you to enjoy it on a multitude of occasions, ideal to share special moments with family and friends and perfect for pairing with rice dishes, pasta, seafood, white meats, Arabic and Oriental cuisine.

Name: Rosado
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Pinot Noir, Callet, Syrah, Merlot
Alcoholic fermentation: Stainless tank
Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.
Total acid: 5,9 g/l


Pale ruby-colored wine, bright and limpid with a medium leg. Aroma of pronounced intensity dominated by attractive notes of blue flowers and ripe red fruits such as raspberry and plum. Complemented by herbal nuances, menthol and spices such as liquorice, as well as a pleasant background of creamy pastries. The low extractive vinification and low temperature fermentation give the wine a very marked floral and fruity profile on the palate where the primary flavors of ripe red fruit, Mediterranean marine herbs and a pleasant finish that denotes its island origin predominate. This is a lively, balanced wine, with vibrant acidity and soft tannins, with a long and tasty finish, ideal with pasta, rice dishes, white meats, blue fish and cheeses. Serve between 12-14ºC.

Name: Tinto
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Callet, Manto Negro, Merlot, Syrah, Gorgollassa
Alcoholic fermentation: Stainless tank
Alcohol: 13 % vol.
Total acid: 5,1 g/l



Leuchtend zitronengelbe Farbe von mittlerer Intensität und dichtes Kirchenfenster. Sehr ausgeprägter, komplexer und reichhaltiger aromatischer Ausdruck, bei dem die charakteristischen Noten der Sorte Banyalbu far Malvasía hervorstechen, elegante blumige Aromen von Jasmin, Kamille und Mandelblüten, Zitrusfrüchte wie Zitronenschale oder Limette und tropische Früchte wie Litschi, Mango und Passionsfrucht, gefolgt von einer balsamischen Note und mediterranen Kräutern wie Thymian und Rosmarin. Die Reifung in französischen Eichenfässern verleiht ihm Cremigkeit und abschließende Nuancen von süßen Gewürzen wie Vanille und Kokosnuss sowie von Nüssen, Haselnüssen und Marzipan.

Bright lemon yellow colour of medium intensity and dense legs. Very pronounced, complex and rich aromatic expression where the characteristic notes of the Malvasia de Banyalbufar variety stand out, elegant floral aromas of jasmine, chamomile and almond blossom, citrus fruits such as lemon zest or lime and tropical fruits such as lychee, mango and passion fruit followed by a balsamic touch and Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary and thyme. The ageing in French oak foudre adds creaminess and final nuances of sweet spices such as vanilla and coconut as well as nuts, hazelnut and marzipan. In mouth it is elegant and balanced, medium-bodied with a freshness provided by the marked natural acidity of the variety, with an unctuous passage and a long, intense and complex finish where stone and tropical fruit and herbal notes of a strong Mediterranean character reappear, giving it a very interesting gastronomic aspect for pairing with white meat dishes, poultry, oily fish and Asian and Arabian food.

Name: Corum
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Malvasía de Banyalbufar
Alcoholic fermentation: Fudre French oak 9 months
Alcohol: 12 % vol.
Total acid: 7,2 g/l


Blass lachsfarben mit orangefarbenem Rand, sauber und hell, mit dichten und langsames Kirchenfenster. Ausgeprägter aromatischer Ausdruck, dominiert von roter Johannisbeere und frischer roter Kirsche, roter Pflaume, Steinobst wie Aprikose und subtilen Noten von Unterholz und Kräutern wie Thymian und Rosmarin, die uns ans Mittelmeer versetzen.

Pale salmon colour with orange rim, clean and bright, with a dense and slow legs. Pronounced aromatic expression dominated by redcurrant and fresh red cherry, red plum, stone fruits such as apricot and subtle notes of low forest and herbs such as thyme and rosemary that transport us to the Mediterranean Sea. In mouth it is full-bodied, with a vibrant and fresh acidity, balanced with a greasy and energetic finish. It is a gastronomic rosé, serious, medium-bodied, with a long and complex aftertaste where the fruity notes combine with the herbaceous ones for a pleasant and intense finish. Perfect to pair with pasta, rice dishes, seafood, fish and meat tartars, as well as white meats and oriental cuisine. Serve between 10°C and 12°C.

Name: Aurorum
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Merlot
Alcoholic fermentation: Fudre French oak 6 months
Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Total acid: 6,7 g/l


Kirschrote Farbe mit blauen Reminiszenzen. Aroma charakterisiert durch wilde rote Früchte, mit einem Hintergrund von Kakao und leichten Gewürznuancen. Am Gaumen bietet Leichtigkeit und Subtilität, mit einer sehr angenehmen Säure.

Cherry red colour with blue reminiscences. Aroma characterized by wild red fruits, with a background of cocoa and light spicy nuances. On the palate lightness and subtlety, with a very pleasant acidity. It has a final tactile sensation of velvet, result of the pleasant tannic, characteristic of the Callet variety, which confer a very good persistence despite its delicacy. In general, it is a wine with a very friendly character, inviting you to enjoy it in multitude of occasions. Ideal for pairing with pasta, rice dishes, white meat, etc.

Name: Terrum
Vintage: 2019
Grapes: Callet
Ageing: 12 month in French oak barrels
Alcohol: 13 % vol.
Total acid: 5,2 g/l


‚Ventum‘ presents in shades of inky purple with violet hues. Syrah dominates the initial aromatic range, with juicy black forest fruits, cassis and meaty tones. Given time in the glass, Merlot and Callet slowly reveal their charms with notes of damson plum and blackberry, as well as leather, forest floor, Mediterranean scrub and black tea. Yet a cool minerality persists throughout, with bright accents of pepper and Bergamot. On the palate, ripe black fruit seemingly envelops a sweet core; with each passing minute, stunning components of herbs and spice, reminiscent of wild maquis, juniper and licorice, join the soirée. Barrel aging lends a delicate smokiness to the elegant flavors. What ultimately defines this dark and powerful beauty, however, is its deep minerality with a cool momentum. While the nose hints at this direction, the true reveal only arrives on the palate. It infuses and enhances the fruit, lending juiciness, balancing the elegant tannins and countering the ripeness of the wine.

Name: Ventum
Vintage: 2016
Grapes: Merlot, Syrah, Callet
Ageing: 12 month in French oak barrel
Alcohol: 15,0 % vol.
Total acid: 7,0 g/l


The Artist

Deep ruby red colour, brilliant and with a dense leg. Pronounced and complex aromatic intensity with aromas of violets, black berry fruit such as blackberry or blackcurrant, low forest and spices such as vanilla, chocolate with an elegant background of smoked wood, very subtle and well-integrated, denoting the ageing in French oak barrels of great quality. On the palate it is a wine with volume, with a fleshy and structured entry, intense and powerful but at the same time balanced and velvety, with vigorous acidity, with a soft ripe tannin, and a tasty long-lasting finish where the notes of ripe black fruit, spices and scrubland herbs reappear. It is a complex wine, with ageing potential that goes well with red meats, lamb, stews, duck and cured cheeses. Serve at 16ºC.

Name: The Artist
Vintage: 2019
Grapes: Manto Negro, Syrah
Barrel: 12 months in French oak
Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.
Total acid: 5,6 g/l


Pale ruby colour and light legs. Intense aromatic expression of blue flowers, violets and roses, wild red fruits, fresh grass, pine and rosemary, ending with smoky and sweet spicy nuances. In mouth it is tasty, easy to drink, with a marked acidity that gives it freshness, a sensation of ripe fruit, spicy, nutty aftertaste, well-integrated wood that gives it complexity, sweet tannin and a long, pleasant finish. This is a light Monastrell, with a modern and a strong fruity profile, ideal with white meats, Iberian pork, oily fish and cured cheeses. Serve at 14°C.

Name: Monastrell
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Manto Negro, Syrah
Alcoholic fermentation: French oak
Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.
Total acid: 5,1 g/l


Pale, bright ruby colour. Pleasant and fresh aromatic sensation of red fruit and sweets, roses and menthol. In mauth it is smooth and light, with good acidity and silky tannin that gives it freshness, with a long and pleasant finish where the floral and creamy part reappears. This is a wine of the highest expression and pure variety, Mediterranean, ideal for drinking even in the summer months and to accompany light dishes, salads, pasta, rice and fish. Serve at 14°C.

Name: Gorgollassa
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Gorgollassa
Barrels: French oak 9 months
Alcohol: 11,5 % vol.
Total acid: 4,5 g/l

Amber Macerat

Bright amber-coloured wine of medium intensity with orange rim and limpid. Intense and complex on the nose, with notes of quince, orange peel, aromatic Mediterranean herbs, low forest, flowers, dried fruit, as well as complex oxidative notes. The nose evokes balsamic aromas, especially menthol. On the palate is dry, intense and complex, with low alcohol. It stands out its pleasant and balanced entry, accompanied by a fresh citric acidity. It is a well-structured and balanced wine, the ageing with lees in clay amphorae gives it minerality and sapidity, glyceric, Mediterranean character, smooth tannin, long finish, accompanied by a pleasant subtle astringency that invites you to have another glass. Ideal wine for food pairings, oriental, fusion and exotic food, cold starters and oily fish.

Name: Ambar Macerat
Vintage: 2021
Grapes: Prensal Blanc
Ageing: Stainless tank
Alcohol: 12,5 % vol.
Total acid: 4,5 g/l

The Dolç

A golden yellow wine of medium intensity with dense legs. On the nose it shows a pronounced aromatic intensity with floral aromas such as orange blossom, camomile and rose, as well as ripe stone fruits, peach, orange peel, dried apricot, baked apple and a subtle background of honey and ripe pineapple. In the mouth it has a delicate and balanced sweetness with a marked acidity and low alcoholic content that provides a sensation of freshness and lightness, accompanied by an outstanding fleshiness and long finish where the fruit compote, honey and apricots are perceived as an explosion of flavour, being an ideal pairing for dishes based on foie, sweet and sour, cheeses and all kinds of desserts, especially those made with fruit and puddings. It is recommended to serve at 8°C.

Name: The Dolç
Vintage: 2020
Grapes: Moscatell
Ageing: Stainless tank
Alcohol: 10,5 % vol.
Total acid: 7 g/l

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